Methods of increasing the powder rate on powder coatings

Apr 07, 2020

Methods of increasing the powder rate on powder coatings

Analysis of four methods for improving powder rate of powder coating:


1. Control the powder particle size distribution, the narrower the better: reasonably control the powder particle size (difficult), in our actual production, we only have to adjust the rotation speed of the main and secondary mills of ACM.The powder particle size is important 40-50um is appropriate, the narrower the distribution is, the better.


2, improve resin: resin to decrease the amount of filler, select well charged resin, epoxy powder is better, some manufacturer on polyester powder, some manufacturer on polyester powder is more difficult (separate will grind epoxy, polyester jet plate), friction gun jet flow obviously better than static gun, and friction to squirt gun thicker coating, coating without the disadvantage of high pressure gun, such as hair flower big orange peel phenomenon.


3, reasonable choice of packing: packing fineness and dispersion and powder is very relevant.Precipitation powder is higher than the general ultrafine barium, barium sulfate is better than calcium carbonate.


4, increase the charge auxiliary: in the formula to add an appropriate amount of conductive auxiliary (mechanism of action: can make the powder particles with more charge.There is a strong electric field in the area from the high-pressure electrostatic gun to the workpiece, and the air is ionized to produce billions of ions. As the powder particles of the energizer pass through this area, they are polarized, which can capture more negative ions and carry more charge.Due to the weak power lines of faladi effect, the powder particles with more charge can reach the surface of the workpiece by their own force, so as to improve the powder loading of these parts.

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