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Quality, Safety & Environment


§ Quanxu Technology is committed to excellence in quality, safety and environment through constant development in line with ISO 9001, ISO 14001

§ We provide an environment which encourages love, creativity and satisfaction.

§ We care for our clients needs and comments on all levels of quality.

§ Quanxu quality standards mean that we constantly strive to improve the quality and reliability of our products.

§ Our strategic planning ensures that our factories can meet all customers› demands without influencing on quality.

§ We provide training to all employees to ensure high standards of quality in the provided services from the product development till production, sales and distribution.

§ We avoid accidents at work to ensure a safe and secure work environment to all workers and visitors in work places. We also work hard to protect environment through continuous evaluation and to limit the environmental effects of products.


All departments and employees in the company should be aware of this general policy concerning quality, safety and quality. In addition to complying with the technical conditions, we try to take the necessary procedures to achieve the goals of Quality, Safety & Environment continuous improvement.


Kingdee: Better Management for Better Business


With help from SAP, kingdee has successfully deployed solutions for enter enterprise resource planning and business intelligence. Over the years, Quanxu has grown substantially in terms of products, employees and distributers both locally and around the world. We turned to Kingdee technology to address growing data volumes and the need to analyze them quickly.


ISO Certificates


Obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate was a true master stroke! It’s a result of an integrated manufacturing system powered by a number of employees who are obliged to keep up for an effective and efficient implementation of the quality and measurement regulations and also to systematically and constantly optimize the product quality and service.

At the group, we ensure the conformation of our quality principles with the international standards & specifications along with the customer’s demands. To achieve this goal, the group implements the integrated quality management system in all fields and activities.



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